$1.5B Green Ammonia Factory Planned for Aqaba

$1.5B Green Ammonia Factory Planned for Aqaba

AQABA – On Sunday, the Aqaba Governorate Council met with a Jordanian-Polish investment delegation from the Jordanian Green Ammonia (JGA) company and the Polish hydrogen company Hynfra. They discussed implementing an investment project to establish a green ammonia factory worth $1.5 billion in Aqaba.

 Aqaba Governorate Council President Imad Amro emphasized the importance of investments for Aqaba as an attractive city for investment due to its significant regional and international position. He highlighted that such investments benefit the local community, alleviate youth unemployment, and position Jordan as a friend of the environment and green energy, Khaberni reported.

The CEO of the JGA, Dr. Wael Suleiman, presented the company’s plan to support, train, and develop the local community, preparing skilled personnel to serve this value-added investment. He expressed his anticipation of implementing the project in the coming months.
Additionally, the company’s advisor, Sharhabeel Subhi Madi, provided an overview of the planned investment to build the factory.

The meeting was attended by the CEO of Hynfra, Tomoho Umeda, members of the Governorate Council, Ali Abu Al-Ezz, Harb Al-Awaidat, Hussein Al-Zawaida, Nidaa Al-Shuwaikh, and Khattam Al-Hasanat, in addition to representatives of the Council’s secretariat.

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