About Us

Founded in 2010 By Dr Wael Suleiman, Fidelity Group is a global company with expertise and years of experience of its Leader and the Management Team in sectors such as:

Industrial Development and Management

Technology Sourcing, Marketing & Transfer

Chemicals and Energy Products Trade

Security & Defense

Fidelity Group has a global approach in its activities but strongly utilizing its in-depth market knowledge of the Middle East and Europe. Having over 20 years of experience in the Gulf Region as well as European Union countries and Eastern Europe, with the strong and reliable Partners, the services and product we offer are based on the highest quality and long build and trusted relations with our suppliers and clients.  

The development and management of new investments in the industrial sector is based on the experience and know-how gained during the Hydrogen Fluoride Plant chemical complex project implementation in Abu Dhabi and Eurochem & Decpol in Europe.

Fidelity comprehensively executes new projects from finding the prospect venture through every stage of project development from the search for a potential project, the assessment of the project at every stage of preparation, attracting investors, technology transfer, acquisition of strategic industry partners, implementation and project management and the exit strategy.

Fidelity’s expertise and strong focus is on technology sourcing, marketing and transfer. That relates to all types of technology existing, emerging or being designed in all branches of industry as partnership based, market-based, value-chain based and internal sourcing. 

Our success in chemicals and energy products trade is based on the +20 years of experience and developed over the years contacts in the petroleum and chemical industry with top producers and suppliers of energy commodities, oil products and petro chemicals.