Energy Commodities & Chemicals Trade

Energy Commodities & Chemicals Trade

Our success in chemicals and energy products trade is based on the +20 years of experience and developed over the years contacts in the petroleum and chemical industry with top producers and suppliers of energy commodities, oil products and petro chemicals.

Fidelity Group operates globally having strong relations with domestic oil companies and major oil suppliers. Our specialized team handle every aspect of the transaction from products sourcing to transport, storage, blending and finance.

Our customers include third-party trading companies and manufacturers of chemicals and new materials. We determine the prices of our petrochemical products based on benchmark prices pursuant to certain pricing formulas. Since we are at the beginning of the supply chain, we are able to offer competitive prices together with fast and efficient service at every step of the order.

Fidelity Group supplies:

  • Crude oil
  • Ultra-Low Sulphur Diesel ULSD 10ppm
  • Naphta
  • Base oils – Virgin and Re-refined
  • Solvents
  • Fuel and Oil additives
  • Technical oils
  • Lubricant oils

Fidelity Group provides services related to oils blending. We are experienced in chemical blending, formulating, mixing, and compounding of oils for all applications and processes. Our access to raw materials and purchasing power ensures that you are getting the most cost effective service and tailor made products according to the requirements.