Dr Wael Suleiman speaks about the Polish-UAE co-operation at Invest with Emirates Conference in Warsaw

Dr Wael Suleiman speaks about the Polish-UAE co-operation at Invest with Emirates Conference in Warsaw

Dr Wael Suleiman speaks about the Polish-UAE co-operation at Invest with Emirates Conference in Warsaw

“In the UAE there is a large demand for Polish food products.”

Fidelity Group was a Supporting Partner to Invest with Emirates conference held in Warsaw on March the 3rd, 2015.
Dr Wael Suleiman was invited to participate in an opening debate together with H.E. Waldemar Pawlak Former Prime Minister, H.E. Asim Mirza Alrahmah Ambasador of the UAE in Poland amongst others Government Officials.

The conference was a very successful event with a lot of interest from Polish companies to learn more about the opportunities and co-operation with businesses from United Arab Emirates.

Here are the highlights from what Dr Suleiman had to say in the series of interviews at the Conference.

Trade between Poland and the United Arab Emirates last year reached around one billion dollars. Particularly appreciated is the Polish food there. Its exports would be higher if specialized companies, such as Export Credit Insurance Corporation, to a greater extent, helped in the settlement and financing transactions with delayed payment terms. In the UAE lives nearly 9 million people, a large part is not Muslim. United Arab Emirates can also be a hub, from which supplies are sent to other markets.

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For now, we have one billion US dollars of trade between Poland and the United Arab Emirates – says in an interview with the news agency Newseria Investor Wael Suleiman, president of the Polish Business Group, Fidelity Group and Gulf Fluor

– I wish it was a little more. With such a country as Poland, having 40 million inhabitants and a high gross domestic product, could be a little more.

To the UAE, Poland sends mainly, as Dr Wael Suleiman informed, food products. While imports mainly aluminium produced by Emal and Dubal, chemical products and petrochemicals.

– Poland can export more goods or ultimately treating the UAE as a hub for the surrounding countries – specifies Dr Wael Suleiman. – This applies in particular foodstuffs, meat and heavy machinery. These are the main products which could be exported there.

According to the Chairman of Polish Business Group, Polish products are of high quality and still inexpensive compared with those produced in other European countries. Food is characterized by the traditional way of production and a high proportion of ingredients of natural origin.

– When I see the goods, for example, French, German, some yogurt or something like that, it is really a chemistry, rustic fruit and jams are artificial – notes Wael Suleiman. – That is why this direction of export is very good. Also meat, all types: from poultry to the beef.

– The same goes for dairy products – observes Dr Suleiman. – But I see some other problems. These goods must be fresh. So there is an issue of transportation, because you cannot send it via sea. It would be very good if cooperation with airlines, Emirates or Polish was better, so that these products could be send with planes. Then on the next day they would be in UAE stores.

The second problem is with the payment.

It could be a problem for the producer in Poland to accept deferred payment date from 90 to 120 days so we need support at government level.