Industrial Participation

Through industrial participation, it is possible to ensure that technology and expertise critical for security of supply and related to the defence equipment to be procured are also available to the Defence Forces in the time of crisis and in emergency conditions. Therefore, the Industrial Participation (IP) is so often a requirement for the sales contract in the defense sector. 

Industrial Participation programs supports the need to establish a defense industry which can realize sustainable growth, meet and overcome current conditions and future requirements while serving national economic objectives. 

Under the Patronage and Management of TAWAZUN in The United Arab Emirates and GAMI in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia the are large opportunities for the companies that are ready to share their technologies and associated expertise in defence and military sector as well as in the broader industrial sector, thereby contributing to economic diversification.

Apart from defense and military projects the focus is as well on these that meet the strategic needs of the UAE in the following select priority sectors:

• Aerospace 

• Infrastructure & Transportation 

• Communication Technology 

• Education Technology 

• Sustainability, Environment & Climate Change 

• Food & Water Security

Fidelity Group provides a comprehensive service with regards to the Industrial Participation Programs to identify, develop and implement the Projects within the IP’s specific requirements and set out obligations by the local Governments and relevant Entities. 

Each Project within the IP Program requires an imposed investment value to be borne by the DC (Defence Contractor). Fidelity Group, with its Capital and financing supports services, will secure the investment needs by finding the right investor.