Technology Sourcing & Marketing

Regular and systematic observation of technological developments and the early recognition of emerging technologies is key to business that want to grow.

We identified four types of technology sourcing: 




and internal sourcing

The dynamics of the development and globalization as well as strive for competitive pricing and efficient chain supply in the world necessitates constant upgrading of technologies and adapt them to the current needs. That applies to companies which need to internally source new technologies as well as companies that want to expand Globally. It is difficult to imagine a modern, well-organized, sustainable, and efficient business environment nowadays without the use of modern technologies or technology transfer to other regions in the world. 

Fidelity Group is mainly specialized in the Transfer of Technology (TOT) and constantly searching for innovations, new technologies and ideas which are vital for business to secure the need and necessity to use internally as well as we support business that want to minimise the length of the chain supply thus looking for transferring their existing business and technologies to other countries. 

Technology scouting is part of our expertise as well. Working closely with our global network of experts and industry leaders we are able to advise on the latest innovations and break-through technologies in various industries.  

When marketing, we provide technical expertise, market context, deep customer knowledge, credibility, and a clear pathway to technology transition and insertion into existing business as well as international expansion. Our in-depth knowledge of the sector and regional specific requirements, as well as access to the industry decision makers will helps de-risk market launches and can often facilitate financing through the creation of strong investment opportunities.

When it comes to technology sourcing our expertise and 25+ years of experience in the energy and chemicals industry gives us a leverage to recognize new opportunities, innovations and technologies especially if they are aiming for sustainability and climate care. 

Transfer of Technology expertise:

  • Sulphuric acid production
  • Hydrogene production (Blue and Green)
  • Base Oil production
  • Re-refining of used engine oil
  • Lubricants production
  • Additives and solvents
  • Ammonia NH3
  • Hydrogen Fluoride production ex flurospars (Calcium Fluoride)
  • Hydrogen Fluoride production ex Hexafluosilicic acid
  • Aluminium fluoride; low bulk density, high bulk density
  • Phosphoric acid
  • Hydrogen Fuel Cells
  • Onsite Hydrogen Generation
  • Lithium value chain
  • EV Batteries technologies
  • Security & Defense
  • Medical