Founded in 2010 By Dr Wael Suleiman, Fidelity Group is a global company with expertise and years of experience of its Management and the Team in sectors such as Industrial Development and Management, Technology scouting, marketing & transfer as well as energy and chemical products trading. Fidelity Group has a global approach in its activities but strongly utilizing its in depth market knowledge in the Middle East and Europe. Over 20 years of experience in the Gulf Region as well as EU with the strong and reliable Partners, the services and product we offer are based on the highest quality and reliable relations with our suppliers and clients.  

Global Technology Sourcing Limited (GTS), one of the Fidelity Group companies, has completed TRACE certification review process. The successful completion of TRACE certification demonstrates ourcommitment to commercial transparency, allowing us to serve as a valued business partner to multinational companies.


Hydrogen Fluoride Chemical Complex in Abu Dhabi - U.A.E.

First of its kind fluorine complex in the GULF, was founded in 2006 by Dr Wael Suleiman and HE Hamad Suhail Al Khaili. Dr Suleiman was involved in this Gulf Fluor project from its founding through the construction phases and production start up untill his exit in 2016.

Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia

Green Hydrogen & Green Ammonia

Jordan Green Ammonia, a new ammonia partnership in the Middle East.

Jordan-based Fidelity Group and Poland-based Hynfra  have teamed up to form Jordan Green Ammonia.


Technology Sourcing & Marketing

Regular and systematic observation of technological developments and the early recognition of emerging technologies is key to business that wants to grow.


Energy Commodities and Chemicals Trade

Our success in chemicals and energy products trade is based on the +20 years of experience and developed over the years contacts in the petroleum and chemical industry with top producers and suppliers of energy commodities, oil products and petro chemicals.



Fidelity’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is an important part of the company strategy.

Giving back to the society has always been an important part of our everyday business.


Water Desalination

Water Security Strategy 2036

The UAE Water Security Strategy 2036 aims to ensure sustainability and continuous access to water during normal and extreme emergency conditions.